“Alive” by The Rapports

Naming a song is one of the hardest parts of writing it. Capturing the energy in a short quip can either make a song memorable or the opposite. “Alive” by the four-piece indie rock band, The Rapports is one of those songs that is perfectly named. Not only because of lyrics that sing about being alive but because while listening to it, you will feel fully alive. From the catchy melodies to the supportive rhythm section there wasn’t a single moment that wasn’t fun or memorable.

Vocals kick off the high-energy song and set the mood easily. When joined by the rest of the band the texture thickens and expands, rounding out the easy-going sound phenomenally. I loved how well the different voices would complement and contrast one another. Whether adding rhythmic elements to fill out the space, or adding color to the harmonies every voice was purposeful and brought out a different element of “Alive”.

Among the many highlights was the personable lyricism. Easily melding poeticism with how people actually talk kept me engaged for the entirety. I loved how well they paired with the song’s light and fun energy. Not only that, but how well they paired with the song’s instrumental as a whole. No matter what was happening it had the whole energy of The Rapports supporting and enhancing it. The band’s chemistry was undeniable and helped “Alive” have the huge impact it did. A  great release, and a wonderful addition to the band’s already great discography.

“Alive” by The Rapports is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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