“D’Addio” by D’Addio

Coming from London is multi-instrumentalist Giulia Scarantino, the Italian solo artist is also a producer, singer songwriter. Self titled album “D’Addio” is the first major release from the artist, you got to get two teasers when she released “A Separation” and “Leave It”. According to D’Addio, the self titled album is a goodbye and a welcome to all the infinite possible new-selves that are yet to come.

Smooth, relaxing, fun, jazzy…those are words that will come to mind when you start “John’s Glasses”. The is the type of song that you play in a bar while sitting and drinking and old fashioned, looking out at the crowd as they are mingling and having fun. If the first song is this amazing, you can only imagine how the rest of the album will go.

Although she is new to the scene, it won’t be long until she is known. When talent radiants that largely, it can’t help but to affect the whole world in such a positive manner. D’Addio takes you on a journey through this album, as you get to “Victoria” you can feel your negativity floating away.

The album is free flowing and it feels almost a guide for your day, it makes you get out of your head. You will want to walk around the city, or downtown and just enjoy the world you live in. It makes you appreciate the calmness in the chaos.

Single, “A Separation”, feels a bit grungy, darker and sexier than the other songs, it’s easy to understand why she released it as a single. This intro to who D’Addio as an artist feels like the perfect start. You’ll be thankful that the 11 songs were released because all you’re going to want to do is play the album on repeat.

As the album starts to come to an end, you feel more relaxed..like you just got out of the best therapy session of your life. D’Addio is going to easily be a favorite artist of yours, it is impossible to not love her music and appreciate her talent.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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