“Lovetrain” by Ruebi

Coming from Hamburg, Germany is solo artist Ruebi. The multi talented artist has been making music since he was 16 and a half, he plays drums, keyboard, guitar and bass. He is the only member and he plays all instruments for the track “Lovetrain”. He is planning to put a live show together with two of his friends in Cologne.

“Lovetrain” was the second single released from Ruebi this year, he say that he has always liked interesting weird stuff and that this song is about the weird stalking of an ex girlfriend. The deep vocals, drawn out lyrics and heavy bass are enough to make you instantly love this song. Dim the lights and get ready to turn on the red light, this song is an instant vibe. It’s amazing that Ruebi is doing everything himself, talent like that should not go unnoticed.

As you start to realize how much you love music from Ruebi, you’ll want to venture off and listen to more of his music and that is something you won’t regret. The German artist is sure to encapsulate you with his vocals and lyrics alone, “Lovetrain” is a hit.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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