“When the Darkness Gets You Down” by COW

Coming from Liverpool in the UK is COW. The four piece band consists of vocalist and guitarist Kyle Lee, rhythm guitarist Jason Baxter, Adam Jones as drummer and bassist Matthew Webster. Their new release “When Darkness Gets You Down” is out and making great waves.

COW’s latest EP “When Darkness Gets You Down”, is something to be admired, their first song “Better Than I Am” is a great relaxing intro. Although the song has heavy, distorted and grungy guitar, it’s still very calming. The introduction to the EP will have you intrigued, as you finish the song you can’t help but to wonder what’s next.

The vocals of Kyle Lee will sooth you, the music of COW seems to get you out of your head. If you’ve ever had a depressive episode or just deal with everyday depression then you know how hard it is to not overthink. The great thing about musicians like COW is that the music they make can help you through dark times.

As you get through the EP, you come across single “Notemakers” which is a bit more upbeat and will bring a smile to your face. The song will make you want to get out of your funk and get up and dance. Now is your chance to rock out with COW. “When Darkness Gets You Down” gets back to the heavy grunge, the last song of the EP is dark and mysterious.

You’ll fall in love with COW immediately, as the EP ends, you can’t help but to be sad. Luckily they have plenty of amazing music for you listen to, you can keep listening to COW as much as you like. If the darkness is bringing you down, let COW shine the light through with their music.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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