“Cry of a Broken Heart” by Filip Dahl

An enamoring track that builds and builds to a stunning finale, Filip Dahl’s “Cry of a Broken Heart” is the perfect next step for one of Norway’s most exciting rising artists.

Despite having three solo albums under his belt, Dahl never fails to explore exciting new sonic landscapes with maturity and class, evoking an array of emotions along the way. “Cry of a Broken Heart” is a captivating new single that houses all of Dahl’s old school innovations that define his creative spirit and eclectic discography. While influences like Pink Floyd, Dream Theatre and Deep Purple are on full display, he’s never defined by one particular sound.

“Cry of a Broken Heart” starts off very chill, growing beautifully from a simple acoustic, lead guitar and piano backdrop to a dynamically rich and emotive ending. The lead guitar work is rich in style and power but nonetheless elegant, showing off Dahl’s talent as a guitarist and writer. While defined by its guitar-based structure, “Cry of a Broken Heart” wouldn’t feel as complete without its soft piano work and budding dynamics.

A stunning new single from start to finish, “Cry of a Broken Heart” explores new territory for Dahl while still housing every inch of his musical prowess that’s made his last three albums so accessible. Sonically rich and full of mature songwriting and talent, Dahl’s new track is the perfect introduction to his unique sound. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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