“It’s Only Now That I Know” by Matt Saxton

Gorgeous indie folk rock that’s rich in soulful charisma and housing a strong sense of self, “It’s Only Now That I Know” is Matt Saxton at his best.

Defined by beautiful guitar work and soft folk/rock sensibilities, its Saxton’s voice that stands out as the powerhouse in his work, capturing an array of emotions with tender familiarity. “It’s Only Now That I Know” is no exception. The songs lush instrumentation lay the perfect grounding for Saxton’s melancholic lyrics and warm vocal performance, particularly the slide guitar which offers a soft desperation to the track. The subtle power of the piano and organ draw you in with ease that shows off Saxton’s experience and talent as a songwriter.

Saxton’s maturity as an artist is further revealed in the nostalgic lyricism that looks back on past mistakes and the lessons we can learn from them. Neither whimsical nor garish, Saxton’s lyrics are full of deep poetry and stunning imagery. Its honest and utterly unique yet there’s a relatable aspect to the track, similar to all of Saxton’s discography.

Emotive and housing some of Saxton’s most mature and stunning songwriting yet, “It’s Only Now That I Know” is a step in the right direction for the UK based artist. Establishing a sonically pleasing new sound for indie folk rock while keeping his music pure and familiar, Saxton has rightfully earned his place as one of UK’s finest rising folk artists today. With a gorgeous discography already under his belt, this new track is the perfect introduction to Matt Saxton’s music. Stream “It’s Only Now That I Know” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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