“Burnout” by Strumbrush

The four piece group from Atlanta goes by the name Strumbrush, which started as an estranged solo indie project that turned into an eclectic experimental rock band. They said to have taken their favorite parts of grunge & alt rock and intently sprinkles in their individual jazz, noise, folk, math and other subtle influences. Strunbrush includes lead guitarist/vocalist Jack Pace, Tyler Sherman as the bassist, drummer Kalen Schaffer and singer/songwriter Foster Wells.

“Wayback” is the new album from Strumbrush that features single, “Burnout”. The funky, grunge, rock song will have you doing that modest head bang that everyone does when a song is unstoppable. The vocals make you feel like you are floating amongst the clouds. The easy going intro draws you in before the hype starts.

Strumbrush should be your favorite band if they aren’t already, the hard hitting vocals is enough to make anyone fall in love. Checkout Strumbrush and be one of the thousands of people who listen to them, that is a decision you wont regret.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Jacob Romero




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