“The Chemist” by Forts

Phoenix-based trio Forts is back with a sultry and infectious single, “The Chemist.” Fresh off their last single, “Eternal Flame,” which has already reached 1 million streams on the Chinese streaming platform, Bilibili, “The Chemist,” is destined to garner the same amount of success. The song’s distorted vocals, spaced-out synths, and an overall warped atmosphere make “The Chemist” a truly unique experience that will take listeners on a hazy ride they won’t forget.

The dark pop group does a remarkable job creating a compelling track that gives both the vocals and the instrumental their spotlight. The song begins with lead singer Mars’ near-flawless voice whispering the lyrics, “I don’t trust myself anymore,” while distorted synths are heard in the background. What is it that is making Mars not trust herself, though?

Although, at first listen, the dark-toned atmosphere of “The Chemist” feels like it’s about psychedelic drugs, it actually has a much deeper meaning. The mind-bending, trippy feel of the song truly encapsulates what it’s like to live in a world where you are controlled by PMDD. For those who don’t know, PMDD is an imbalance of hormones and chemicals experienced with one’s monthly cycle. The depressed, confusing, and almost drug-like emotions that one goes through during PMDD are perfectly executed in “The Chemist.” 

Mars serves as the chemist who is trying to deal with the “Monster” that is PMDD. The ever-changing emotions one goes through, including not trusting their own thoughts and emotions, are highlighted throughout “The Chemist” by the mind-bending feel of the track. In the same way that emotions are through the roof during one’s cycle, the instrumental and lyrics in “The Chemist” convey those same unstable feelings. On top of it all, “The Chemist” is a catchy, alluring track and Forts is a special band to keep a lookout for.

Written by Melissa Cusano


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