“Friday Night” by Snakedoctors

Coming from the capital and largest city of the Pomeranian Voivodeship, comes four friends vocalist and guitarist Wojciech Wypych, bassist Jaroslaw “Jerry” Szybowski, Jacek Karnat on the keyboard and drummer Robert Porazka. They started Snakedoctors two years ago in May of 2022, already they have 4,735 monthly Spotify listeners and with “Friday Night” only being released just two weeks ago, it has already received over 22,000 listens.

“Friday Night” is a heavy synth, a classic drum beat and vocals that just won’t quit. The song feels very nostalgic and transports you back to the 80s, you can’t help but to do the robot. Snakedoctors are a fun band that makes your days better, with songs like “Friday Night”, you’ll instantly fall in love with them.

According to the group, “Friday Night” tells the story of what we could do on the weekend after a hard work week. Boy oh boy, what to do..maybe dance the night away, do some gaming, get some sleep, karaoke, it doesn’t matter. The weekend is yours.

They have an upcoming fourth double album coming out in later this month is May, “Four and a Half” will be an album that does not disappoint. If you’re not already obsessed with Snakedoctors, you will be, after listening to their music you will understand why so many people love them.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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