“i died too” by Zed, The Dreamer

Zed, The Dreamer is a project started by the Portuguese singer-songwriter Zé Pedro Viveiros in 2021. With his roots firmly in Folk and Indie,  Zed blends his music into a whimsical indie wonderland; His latest single, “I died too” is a perfect example of what a soft fusion between the genres sounds like. 

Drawing inspiration from the great artists of Bon Iver, Ben Howard, and Matt Corby, Zé dives into a modern folk realm and brings listeners on a journey of self-discovery using his soulful voice, poetical lyrics, soft folktronica elements, and instrumentation. 

“I died too” is an emotional ballad that focuses on the sense of longing, or as the Portuguese put it “Saudade”. Being that Zed, the Dreamer is Portuguese, he brings forth homage to his native tongue and this idea through this beautiful song.

“‘Saudade’ represents the feeling of missing something or someone in an immeasurable way, and it is deeply intertwined with the way Zed, The Dreamer, perceives the world and his emotions.” 

His newest single, “i died too” is a culmination of Zed, The Dreamer’s experiences throughout his life. Wrapping the listeners in warm tones and supportive harmonies, Zed builds a bittersweet, blissful sonic space where you can close your eyes and wander into the most sensitive places of your mind with ease. The lyrics cut right through to your heart, while the instrumentation wraps you in melodious bandages. 

If you have felt lost or have lost something dear, this song will come in and comfort like no other. It both highlights that sadness we have all felt within, while bringing the beauty of such sensitivity to light. 

While the song may sound simple, it is quite complex. Incorporating spoken voice memos, bird noises, and lots of smooth layers of percussion and vocal tracks, “i died too” transports you to a light and airy balcony somewhere peaceful where you can reminisce and be carried away by the sweet voice that is Zed, The Dreamer.  

Overall, Zed, The Dreamer’s intimate approach to the Folk and Indie world will leave you breathless. You just have to sit back, relax, and let the song take over.

Written by Natalie Elena





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