“See No Evil” by iHATEJON

At just twenty-three years old, hip-hop artist iHATEJON has a distinct sound which is showcased flawlessly in his new single, “See No Evil.” Tackling the subject of toxic relationships, iHATEJON’s impressive flow with lyrics of heartbreak and loss over the ultra-catchy melody make “See No Evil” a special type of breakup song. 

iHATEJON’s lyricism shines through on “See No Evil”, a collaborative effort between him and Italian producer kleo. The song embodies what being in a toxic relationship feels like; at one end, you’re aware this relationship is unhealthy and that the person has broken your heart, yet you still yearn for them. Jon’s lyrics go from “she took my heart, and she abused it” to “but I didn’t mind that” in seconds; this going back and forth from being in love but knowing it’s a death wish is the never-ending cycle of toxic relationships. The artist’s thoughtful lyricism is rapped smoothly over a captivating melody, and the addicting chorus perfectly brings the song together. “See No Evil” is guaranteed to make anyone nod their heads and by the end of the track, they’ll be singing along with the chorus. 

Not only is iHATEJON a talented musician, but the way he uses his inspirations to create an individual sound is remarkable. Inspired by artists such as Mac Miller and Lil Peep, iHATEJON masterfully uses elements of emo-rap, hip-hop, and pop to create a sound of his own; not to mention that “See No Evil”’s chorus possibly references Nas’ 1999 hit “Small World.”

The North Carolina native is a recent graduate of the University of South Carolina. The rising artist is unstoppable, releasing “See No Evil” shortly after his recently released songs “U” and “iGOTME.” Being so young, it’s exciting to see all the amazing music that iHATEJON is going to create in the future.

Written by Melissa Cusano









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