“Problem The Time” by Carbon Mass

Carbon Mass has done it again! This dynamic electronic duo based out of Vancouver, has released their second song of the year, “Problem With Time”, and it is hypnotizing listeners from all over. With its mysterious vibe and emotive lyrics, Carbon Mass will have you swaying to and fro, humming along to their new, unapologetically catchy tune.

Beginning with ascending and cascading synth sounds, mixed with a silky guitar, this song reels you into a slow EDM soundscape with sultry vocals, delivered by the guitarist (Tim), and instrumentation filled with dynamics and creativity layered by their electronic music composer (Sina)

The message heard throughout the song highlights what it feels like to want something so badly you feel a burning, longing sensation within, “Now I’m burning in the fire like gasoline / Got me burning with desire / On another hot, summer evening”. Not only do the lyrics capture the essence of a hot summer night that you wish would never end, but the music itself also explores the EDM realm with playful panning, incorporation of a vibrant range of synths, and a strong 808 bass.

If you haven’t listened to “Problem With time” yet, we may have a problem on our hands. This song is a must-listen. The full-bodied sound within the song permeates through to the listener, almost as if you can feel the music vibrating though your bones. 

Not only does the song fulfill all that you could hope for in an EDM song, but it also touches upon aspects of the Indie Dance genre, and Alternative electro pop genre as well! The creative minds behind Carbon Mass have set up the listeners for a smooth, otherworldly journey with “Problem With Time”. The artistry throughout the song gives a sweet, yet somber touch to the sonic soundscape with lyrics such as “I’ve taken all my chances before / and I’m not gonna risk anymore / and I will say these words that will make my fists clench”. Bravo!

 Not only am I impressed with the delivery of the lyrics, but the delayed harmonies throughout add hints of mystery to the already vibrant sound.  This song falls in and out of a dizzying, freeing soundspace. ​​It draws you in close and makes you want to dance with those around you. If you haven’t fallen in love with the Indie Dance music realm, Carbon Mass will have you hitting replay on ”Problem with Time” and longing for more. 

Written by Natalie Elena





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