“The Earth Day Rap (Every Day is Earth Day)” by Margaritavillain

Climate change is a huge problem that is getting worse by the day. A lot of us live in fear of the day that it will be too late to turn back and reconcile the damage we’ve done. With “The Earth Day Rap (Every Day is Earth Day)” by Margaritavillain, we see these fears put into words. Margaritavillain uses both doomsday rhetoric and hopeful calls to action to find the middle ground between fear and dejection- the perfect place to get people inspired.

The main message of this song is that “every day should be Earth Day.” Earth Day should not be one random day a year we choose to care about the planet- we should celebrate our home every second that we’re here. The continuation of the climate crises is partly fueled by the indifference towards taking care of the Earth. We take things for granted, and we don’t see that without a healthy planet, our lives as we know them cannot continue. This song calls out the entitlement and carelessness of humanity, and the near nine minute runtime ensures that the message sinks in.

Margatiavillain is sure to provide some hope, though, saying that “it’s not too late to turn things around…if we found common ground.” Working together through protesting, holding officials accountable, and voting for green policies are ways to act within your community. The stripped back beat highlights the cruciality of the lyrics, delivered in a melodic speaking style. Margaritavillain takes an important, and often overlooked, crisis and turns it into a musical call to action with “The Earth Day Rap (Every Day is Earth Day).”

Written by Emily Cushing





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