“Sick Of Making Love To You” by Scustin

Dublin-based indie-rock band Scustin is back with a dreamy new single, “Sick Of Making Love To You.” Composed of sultry instrumental, sensual vocals, and an overall relaxing atmosphere, “Sick Of Making Love To You” is the perfect song for bedroom pop listeners who want to zone out and take in the music. With lyrics about modern romance and media, fans of indie-rock artists Mac Demarco and Clairo will be drawn to Scustin’s fresh take on the genre. 

“Sick Of Making Love To You” has an ultra-calming vibe to it, being the ultimate company for those long drives and hours of daydreaming. One can hear the hazy instrumental, consisting of lethargic guitars and quiet drumming, when closing your eyes. As the instrumental slowly builds, singer Larry’s compelling vocals come in as he explores the sexualization of the media, personifying it as a lover. Clever lyrics such as “Who needs imagination when I’ve got stimulation” highlight the modern “romance is dead” mentality, which “Sick Of Making Love To You” so flawlessly encapsulates. 

Aside from the meaning of the song, tonally and stylistically, “Sick Of Making Love To You” is a genre-fusing track composed of dream pop, indie rock, and even some R&B elements. From the very opening, the enthralling instrumental brings the listener in; Larry’s unique voice and witty lyrics keep the listener captivated throughout. 

“Sick Of Making Love To You” is now available on all music streaming platforms and Scustin will be touring the UK and Ireland throughout the summer. Keep a lookout for this band, as they are destined to take over the dream-pop world.

Photo credits please: Sean Cahill

Written by Melissa Cusano








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