“Whatever You Have” by Cabin

Solo artist Cabin is a Dublin producer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Adam McCabe started to hone his skills in songwriting and production as part of a post punk band. Cabin has just released the fourth single “Whatever You Have” is the final track of a collection of four songs. McCabe says that “Whatever You Have” is Cabin’s signal to classic pop and soul balladry, laced with the distinctive psychedelic production style shown across his work.

The vocals plus the piano is the perfect mix for your day, when he said that it was a pop and soul balladry, you can see what he means. “Whatever You Have” seems to call all anxieties and lets you free your mind as you enjoy the enticing vocals from Adam. “Whatever You Have” is going to make you wonder what else is in Cabin’s collection of music.

“Whatever You Have” feels like something you would hear at a improv jazz bar, it’s a live show you wouldn’t want to miss. It’s inevitable that Cabin will soon become a favorite of yours, this song will be stuck in your head all day. You’ll want to play his music on repeat.

If “Whatever You Have” is your introduction to Cabin as an artist, then you are in for a treat. After you listen, that smile on your face won’t go away. Listening to Cabin will be out a happier side of you that you love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Ellen Judge Keyes





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