“Two Trees Tangled Together” by The Mighty Orchid King

The Mighty Orchid King is a psychedelic rock band with music that escapes any set genre and pushes the boundaries of musical structure. Beginning in 2015 as a recording project, this group has blossomed into both a 1960s-inspired jam collective and recording project for polyrhythmic exploration. Since their start, this St Albans-based band has collected quite a following with thousands of listeners from all over the world. Their psychrock-turned-jazz sound harbors many creative twists and turns that lead to intensely vibrant and awe-inspiring tunes— such as their newest release, “Two Trees Tangled Together”. 

Their newest hit, “Two Trees Tangled Together” is just one of the many songs that showcase how this band has perfected their lively soundscape. Greeting listeners with a warm, full-bodied brass section and strong percussion, the song begins with a bang then backs down to introduce shaman-like vocals delivered by the singing-drummer, Jonny Bennett. The lyrics being sung tell a transcendental story inspired by Nan Shepherd’s “The Living Mountain”. 

With hints of jazz intertwined with their fuzzy, echoing guitar progressions, The Mighty Orchid King achieves a sound that is as if you were to take new-age jazz, combine it with the psychedelic era of the 1960’s, and throw in aspects of Tame Impala’s alternative rock. It is stunning to hear how each of the instruments create their own path throughout the song and blend together seamlessly to build a psychedelic, sonic wonderland unlike any other.

Diving into different rhythms, this song spirals, taking turns highlighting each instrument. Like a dance between the melting, distorted guitars played by Martin van Heerden & Michael Rea, and joyous brass brought in by Marcelo Cervone & Pete Martin, this song keeps you on your toes. You will be pleasantly surprised at every measure and, by the end, you will want to hear the song that comes next! 

(sneak peak: they have creatively laced the ending of “Two Trees” into the next song called “Wild and Running Free”— which will be on their next album and is also a must-listen!)

 If you like “Two Trees Tangled Together”, you will be enthused to hear that this is the first of many to come from their soon-to-be-released ‘Mycelium Music’ concept album. So, that being said, turn your eyes and ears towards The Mighty Orchid King. With their approach to music, they are sure to give you a true show.

Written by Natalie Elena






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