“Waiting on Tomorrow” by Faded Shades

London-based trio Faded Shades have already cemented their distinct sound with their last singles, “She Left Yesterday” and “Chasing Your Love,” which together have garnered almost 100,000 listens on Spotify. Coming strong off their previous releases, Faded Shades’ latest single, “Waiting on Tomorrow,” shows a whole new side of the rock band. The track is reminiscent of the classic rock genre that seems to have disappeared years ago, yet Faded Shades proves is making a comeback. The lighthearted instrumental and lead singer Joe’s inviting voice make “Waiting on Tomorrow” the perfect song for summer 2022. 

Faded Shades is the project of multi-talented musicians Joe (vocals & guitar), Charlie (drums), and Liam (bass). The band is inspired by classic rock icons The Who and Paul Weller, and together have taken their inspirations to create the unique sound that is Faded Shades. Their new song “Waiting on Tomorrow” is a jangling pop-rock track with an uplifting instrumental and overall good vibes. The single has a nostalgic 70s classic rock feeling to it, while at the same time, Faded Shades brings their own modern flair. 

“Waiting on Tomorrow” is the ultimate company for long car rides to the beach and nights out with friends. Fans of all ages will love the catchy guitar-driven instrumental, consisting of soaring guitars and hard-hitting drums. Joe’s raspy voice is the star of the show, with his 70s-esque vocals reminiscent of musicians such as Tom Petty. The song’s instrumental slowly builds to the chorus, and once it arrives, the melodic drums and guitars have their moment, making for the peak of the song.

Being early in their journey, Faded Shades already has a well-established sound that is destined to gain traction. Be a part of their journey, as they are just at the beginning!

Photo credits: Andy Porter

Written by Melissa Cusano





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