“Alexnder Luna” by FOR FREE

Los Angeles County based producer/songwriter Alexnder Luna is a piano playing, Ableton producer, and songwriting maniac. Luna has been putting music out on Soundcloud for about five years now, and people have taken a huge notice of him The EP “FOR FREE” were all self produced (with the help of friends) and was recorded in his home studio in his garage.

According to Luna each song was created with the intention of setting an atmosphere and creating the energy for how the listener reacts in said environment. With songs like “Quite Hard” and “GROWL” he hopes to get you to move and rage while songs like “kiss kiss (demo)” and “intro song” are more reflective.

Luna gives you a calm, smooth, soothing introduction to “FOR FREE”, he is letting you start the journey of freeing your mind. If you don’t know Luna, the minute long “intro song” is the perfect way to get to know a softer side of him as an artist.

Luna has said that “Quite Hard” is meant to make you dance and boy he wasn’t wrong. This is the perfect club song or the perfect house party song. It’s just want the crowd needs to get the party started, you’ll transport back to 2009 and start fist pumping.

“GROWL” will make you go even harder, you will be raging your freaking head off. The all caps song already tells you how aggressive this song will be, make sure your laces are tied because you are about to get your shuffle on. It’s no wonder this is his one of his top songs from the EP.

The underrated song that is “hyperpunk” is a great way to bring the EP to a close, after your mini rage session it’s a great calming song that lets you relax. “kiss kiss (demo)” keeps the mid hype, as you do that tired dance you do, you’ll be happy to have heard “FOR FREE”.

Alexnder Luna is making his way to the top, and all of it is well deserved. The talented artist releases music that you cannot help but to love.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Tyler Del Cont





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