“Burned” by Craig Gould

Americana/country artist Craig Gould is a couple of months shy of releasing his upcoming album, set to come out in summer 2022. Releasing three singles to give listeners a taste of what to expect, his latest single, “Burned,” is the ultimate drinking summer song. It is perfect for those long drives, summer barbeques, or drunk nights with friends. If “Burned” is anything like Gould’s upcoming album, it will be an exciting adventure no one will forget.

Being a mix of nostalgic country with Gould’s own modern flair, “Burned” is just as catchy as it is fun to listen to. Within the first 30 seconds of the track, the infectious chorus arrives, repeating the lyrics, “He drank one then two then three then four; picks himself up off the floor; five then six then seven and eight; he drinks himself into the grave,” engraving listeners with the lyrics right away. By the end of “Burned,” if you and all your friends aren’t singing long, there’s something wrong.

Craig Gould is an alternative country artist from the U.K. His last singles, “Captain of the Seas” and “Ain’t No Place to Hide,” did remarkably well, gaining tremendous radio play. They also landed a #1 spot on Amazon Music U.K. Folk Chart, #4 in the iTunes U.K. Singer/Songwriter chart, and #2 in the iTunes U.K. Country Chart. 

Aside from “Burned” being an obvious party anthem that will get everyone dancing and singing along, it is also helping people at the same time. “Burned” and Gould’s other singles are part of a partnership with the U.K. mental health charity CALM, so any profits go to the charity. 

Play “Burned” at your next party, kickback, or beach day; it will definitely get the party started. (P.S. the more drinking that happens, the more fun the chorus becomes to sing along).

Photo credits: Phil Drury – 2324 Photography

Written by Melissa Cusano


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