“Pietra” by Medivh

Alt-rock group Medivh’s enchanting new track “Pietra” belongs right in a horror or dystopian movie. Consisting of electric guitars, high-pitch synths, gloomy vocals, and an overall dark atmosphere, “Pietra” takes the listener on a harrowing path that is chilling yet beautiful and melodic at the same time. 

There’s no other word to describe the soundscape that is “Pietra” other than alluring. The song begins with a foreboding instrumental that slowly builds, not daring to get too close to the listener. As the euphoric vocals arrive and continue to get louder, the instrumental begins to get stronger and more alarming as well. Towards the last half of the track, the once deafening instrumental takes a back seat, with guitar and vocals standing alone. As the calming guitars are playing in the background, vocals repeat the lyrics, “I want to get away; you want to get away; we want to get away, but now we’re like stone” repeatedly until it quietly disappears into the distance. Without even hearing the lyrics, one can feel the emotion through the screen when listening to “Pietra” because of the bleak atmosphere that Medivh created.

The alt-rock group truly showcases their multidimensional talent as musicians in “Pietra” with the song’s genre-fusing elements. During the first half of “Pietra”, Medivh creates an overall apprehensive vibe; as the song continues, the once anxiety-written track turns into an acoustic singer-songwriter tune. The way “Pietra” completely transforms genres in five minutes is remarkable. 

“Pietra” is now available on all music streaming platforms.

Photo credits: Tecla Petreni @emmeti-studio

Written by Melissa Cusano


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