“Trout Town” by Scuttlebuggs

With a name like none other, Scuttlebuggs should already be at the top of your listen. This Midwestern duo that was born in Michigan and moved to Chicago consist of Claire Kander and Kevin Golden. The talents of these two have no limits, Claire and Kevin share the songwriting and the singing, whilst individually Claire plays guitar, bass, synth and harmonica. Kevin plays guitar and bass, keys, various strings and does experimental soundscapes.

Watch the video, then assess….You will go into a deep trance when watching a music video as you unique as “Trout Town”. The single is off the A-side off upcoming album “Kirk’s House”, the duo says that “Trout Town” is an intimate tale of debilitating mental anguish. The quirky cute song is a reason for you to smile, no matter how your day is, if you play “Trout Town” you’ll be happier.

More Scuttlebuggs, no problem. They have plenty of songs that show off their personalities, you’ll want to listen to all that they have. Picking just one song to love from the duo may just be impossible, but you will have “Trout Town” on repeat.

If the song isn’t already stuck in your head after the first 30 seconds, then you’re doing something wrong. Scuttlebuggs will easily become a favorite band of yours, the loveable and fun duo entice you with their weird uniqueness. You can’t go wrong with Scuttlebugs.

This song and video came originated from a very dark personal place, and somehow ended up turning us into dancing fish in a very pleasant way. We hope it provides comfort and enjoyment, especially if you too are swimming your way out of a deep hole. – Claire Kander

Written by Jaye Maverick




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