“Impose” by Jaxsen

“Impose” by Jaxsen is an atmospheric, slightly depressing experience–but in the best way possible. The vocals take on this layered, low-pitched, lethargic sound that perfectly complements the simplistic production and existential lyrical content. Every aspect of this piece comes together to support the ultimate effect: a feeling of dejection and deeply satisfying catharsis.

The production is comprised of a few simple yet effective sounds. A divinely distorted organ ebbs and flows between two chords for most of the song while the drums drive a steady, continuous beat. The vocals are stacked with doubles and gorgeously ominous harmonies. A few times the drums drop out so these vocals can take center stage. The bass is clearly there but not overly obtrusive. The dynamic shape of this song is rather changeless, meaning that all of this instrumentation remains relatively consistent throughout the piece. This is an excellent production tool used to further emphasize the mood.

The lyrics combine introspection, communication, and imagery to create something profoundly relatable. Jaxsen croons, “Didn’t mean to impose you / But I want to say that I love you,” summing up the strange dichotomy present in the whole piece. The speaker feels like a burden to their loved ones, often emphasizing their mental struggles, but also longs for connection. It’s a feeling most people feel at some point in their lives– like their issues and idiosyncrasies are isolating them. Although these words tap into some deep insecurities, they ultimately leave the listener feeling less alone than they felt before.

Written by Alyce Lindberg




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