“Indigo” by Keanu Ienco

Native American/Canadian artist Keanu Ienco’s new single is gorgeous, emotive post-rock with wonderfully mature songwriting from start to finish.

Photo cred: Astrid Lyre

The second single from Ienco’s debut album ‘Celestial Desire’, “Indigo” is ethereal and airy, approaching its instrumentation with clarity and grace. Expanding on the success of Ienco’s first single “I Still Shine”, “Indigo” utilizes the stunning vocals of Elise Boulanger, whose dreamy voice adds so much to the track.

Powerfully emotive, Ienco has captured something special between every note on this song. Influenced by the music of traditional North American indigenous people and more contemporary artists like Brian May, Plini and Pat Metheny. While these influences are notable, Ienco has carefully crafted an utterly unique sound that blends his more traditional influences and modern-day sensibilities remarkably well.

When asked about the song, Ienco said:

“‘Indigo’ is an emotional song I wrote about saying goodbye to a lover and learning to grow from the pain,” says Keanu. “This song features my friend and fellow musician Elise Boulanger on vocals and showcases a beautiful blend between voice and guitar playing.”

With lush production and incredible songwriting, Ienco‘s talents are on full display with “Indigo”. With a rich, eclectic discography under his belt there’s no better time to sink your teeth into his gorgeous sound. Dreamy and utterly enchanting, “Indigo” is the perfect track to get started with. Stream it now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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