“Wasting Away” by My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House

The already popular band that was for in 2020 is a Philadelphia based alternative-indie rock/pop punk trio. The guys of My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House, Pete Long, Brian Quirk and Andrew Hight are bringing the fire with their latest single “Wasting Away.”

Have you ever been hated? Have you ever felt like your life is out of control and you can’t do anything to make it turn around? On the other hand, have you not ever cared that that’s what happening you? You just kept smiling and thought about how awesome you are and how much you love yourself. “Wasting Away” is the exact song you need in your life if your thoughts are similar to that.

My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House latest single “Wasting Away” is nonpareil compared to other songs, the fun upbeat and self loving song is on it’s own level. This is a band that will immediately rise to the top of your favorite bands list. “But I love myselfff” will be on repeat in your head as the song ends.

If your neighbors don’t hate you, are you really living life right? Join My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House for a party in your backyard. Blast “Wasting Away” and just be yourself. This is a classic pop punk hit that your brain won’t be able to escape from. Click play and fall in love with the guys of My Cousin’s Girlfriend’s House.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Rebellious Photo




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