“Ferryman” by Birdman Cult

Bristol, UK brings out the weird….Birdman Cult is an eclectic band in a league of its own. The post punk/alternative five piece was named partly after ‘The Birdman Cult’, an ancient religious sect who inhabited Easter Island and partly named after a metaphor of the Tangat Manu aka Birdman. The five weirdos who inhabit the band that is Birdman Cult consist of lead guitarist Samuel Otis, rhythm guitarist Elo Colliou, bass guitarist Rowan Ensoll, drummer Luke Wookash and Joe Eden as the vocalist. The band recorded the single at Unit 41 studios in Bristol UK by Luke Wookash.

The latest release for Birdman Cult is the ever so popular track “Ferryman”. Are you ready to rage just a little bit, maybe start a mosh pit? “Ferryman” is the perfect song to let loose to, it makes you want to get out of your mind and onto the dance floor. According to the group, “Ferryman” is a big doom-laden rock anthem, an existential reflection brought on by living through a global pandemic and pending WW3.

The world is still in chaos and now you are just figuring out how to live your life through it, music is usually an outlet that most people choose. With songs like “Ferryman” it’s easier to feel less alone and a little less sad. The grungy, gritty, raw track provides all the stimulation you need.

Birdman Cult is a favorite amongst many and will be a favorite to you as well. After “Ferryman” ends, you won’t be able to stop yourself from playing more of their music. Birdman Cult is truly a band you’ll love.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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