“A Different Time” by Tiyto

Tiyto is a band that makes unique music for people like you, the four piece from London mix R&B and electronic with atmospheric rock. Songwriter, singer and keyboardist Stuart Waters started the band and quickly drummer Robert Waters, Max McKinstry-Hart as the guitarist and bassist Jake Howse. This is a chance to show who they are by releasing their very first single “A Different Time”.

Have you ever wanted to go back and maybe erase the mistakes you made? The life changing ones, the ones you know you regret and you know if you could take it back you could. Imagine if you got that chance, would you go back? “A Different Time” is a song that focuses on going back to fix that one mistake that you wish you could change, in this song, it’s cheating.

The band created a song that allows the lyrics to not be overpowered by the instruments, the way the song sounds and flows is a great introduction to the band. If you feel regret or heartbroken about a decision then “A Different Time” is the perfect song to get those tears flowing.

Even though it’s only their first release there will be plenty of more music for music for you to listen in the future. With a song that tugs at the heart strings, it’s hard to not be obsessed with them. Tiyto will definitely become a favorite band of yours.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Andreas Yiasoumi




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