“Sunflower Seeds” by Joshua Woo

If you have been looking for an upbeat, positive song for the summer, then “Sunflower Seeds” is the song for you! With its slapping bass and funky beat, as well as its atmospheric harmonies, this song is sure to get you grooving and humming along in no time! And the man behind the music, Joshua Woo, is only getting started! 

This multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter’s music is a full expression of their artistry. Being able to fully control the creative and technical aspects of each of his songs, Joshua writes, records, and self-produces each musical piece. This process allows him to control exactly what he delivers to his listeners, and what he delivers is a world full of emotion and care.

In this funky song, you will be uplifted, as that was Joshua’s goal. With positive, and encouraging lyrics, the message Joshua delivers in his newest song, “Sunflower Seeds” is one of self-care and personal-growth.

“You’ve been working so hard / Everybody needs some release / The night is falling / The day is landing on it’s feet / I will take the time / Start planting the sunflower seeds / Maybe they will / Grow to watch over me”

Radiating warm vocal tones and fuzzy guitar riffs, this song brings you on a sonic journey akin to the vibe of a warm, sunny day, where you feel as though there is a soft breeze and dozens of sunflowers blooming right in front of you. His music embraces aspects from the Indie and Alternative realms with touches of psychedelic rock. This is not surprising, since Woo cites David Bowie, Tame Impala, Rahiohead, and The Beatles as some of the many artists that inspire his work.  

So, to kick off your summer, I highly suggest playing “Sunflower Seeds”. Joshua Woo is a promising artist who will absolutely brighten your day with his warm and vibrant, anthemic music.

Written by Natalie Elena





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