“Days” by Grant Nesmith

With electric guitar riffs, bright drums, and echoing vocals, “Days” by Grant Nesmith is the perfect song for the summer. Ambient instrumental breaks have that dreamlike quality that make it easy to picture yourself listening to this song while driving to the beach with the windows down. The wind in your hair, “Days” in your ears, and peace in your heart.

This song reflects on the passing of time. The seasons change inevitably, and time moves through you without your permission. “Now you find that you can’t slow down the time.” Sometimes we wish we could pause time, either because we feel overwhelmed, or maybe we’re so content in the present moment that we don’t want it to end. No matter your reasons, though, time is not something you can bargain with. 

The unstoppable progression of time can lead to some existential crises, but “Days” does a good job of grounding you. The upbeat instrumentation lets you relax into the song and put aside your problems for the time being. “All the days surround you-” time can be claustrophobic, but there will almost always be more days. You have to accept that time is fleeting in order to make the most of them.

Grant Nesmith delivers a feel-good, yet deeply introspective, song with “Days.” You can either reflect with Nesmith by focusing on the lyrics, or take a respite from thoughtfulness by letting the sonic bliss wash over you. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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