“Wounded Healer” by King Kismet

King Kismet reminds us to live in the present with his new song “Wounded Healer.” It’s easy to get caught up in the little stressors of life and forget the big picture, so it’s vital to remember that time is fleeting and that each day is not guaranteed. With a combination of EDM and pop elements, this intensely upbeat track is sure to get you dancing, as well as reflecting on your life and how you can introduce more gratitude into it. 

“I have never seen such a beautiful sunset.” This lyric towards the beginning of the song is a simple one, which is what makes it so impactful. Sunsets happen every day, yet they are uniquely beautiful each night. Taking the time to pause for a moment and appreciate them is one way to step back and be in awe of even the simplest things in life. Recognizing the beauty of the little things helps to make the big things in your life not so overwhelming. 

While much of the lyrics in “Wounded Healer” simulate peace, the instrumentation brings in the fierce joy that comes with this peace. Steady synths and a pumping beat build intrigue, creating anticipation for a beat drop that is incredibly satisfying.

King Kismet encourages you to open your eyes, heart, and dreams to go “to the sky” and leave your hesitation behind. The only constant in our lives is ourselves, so we must accept that many things are out of our control, and be content with what we do have. “Wounded Healer” is a banger, but it is also introspective and thought-provoking. 

Written by Emily Cushing




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