“Lucid Lover” by JAYD

“Lucid Lover” by Luxembourg-based indie act JAYD was released April 22nd, 2022. The track is instantly characterized by its euphoric quality and dreamy, indie-pop feel mixed with electronic elements.

The lyrics of the track tells a classic tale in the world of music: that of heartbreak. Though the track is relatively upbeat and easy-listening, it has a tinge of sadness and longing that melds together to give the song a bittersweet feel; this is especially clear when JAYD emphasizes the first “I miss you” in the song with emotion and clarity. 

The track also features London-based, Nigeria-born rapper Mirari More. His addition to the track adds the guy’s perspective to JAYD’s story of the breakup.More brings afro-funk and afrobeat influences to the track, which blends with Jayd’s alt-pop and indie sound to create a unique and thoroughly enjoyable sonic landscape. 

The video snippet for the song on Spotify depicts JAYD on an old-timey television out amongst the snow; this is fitting with a central theme of the song, where two people are gazing back on the past. 

 “Lucid Lover” tells a tale that rings true with so many people and so many breakups; the song concerns a relationship between two people who just didn’t work out because it was never meant to be. Though there is sadness and a bit of longing on both ends, and no one wronged the other, the two have to part ways to move forward with their lives, sad as it may be. 

We thoroughly enjoyed “Lucid Lover” by JAYD, and we look forward to upcoming releases from her! 





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