“Here” by Maddie Magdalene

Stunningly catchy alt-pop rock with powerful vocals and lush production, “Here” is Magdelen’s best song yet.

Rich in dynamics and a strong rhythm section, “Here” has the perfect body to allow Magdalene’s captivating vocal melodies to sit just right in the mix. The track has a 2000’s vibe to it, full of youthful energy and emotional performances sorely lacking in a lot of pop music nowadays. Magdalene attacks the song with an intensity that’s both addictive and impressive.

Since a young age, the upcoming UK artist has loved telling stories, whether through poetry, music, or the written word. Pairing this with brilliant production, her strong talent as a songwriter and ability as a vocalist has resulted in an incredibly exciting array of singles. With multiple achievements under her belt already such as the Mayor of London Song Prize 2018, multiple spins on BBC Introducing in North and West Yorkshire, Amazing Radio, and Riverside Radio, Maddie Magdalene is one of UK’s most exciting rising artists.

Written in 2019 at a particularly tense time in British politics, the song has since become an anthem of rebellion, expressing anger and sadness with mature song writing and powerhouse vocals. The lyrics are clever and house a tangible clarity, allowing Magdalene’s thoughts to be heard loud and clear throughout.

A brilliant new track with great production and stunning melodies, “Here” is the perfect next step in Magdalene’s discography. Co-written with producer Joey Walker and artist JJ Draper, there’s no better track to sink your teeth into Magdalene’s amazing sound. Stream “Here” now!

Written by Ciarán Coleman





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