“100 Wildflowers” by Joe Sneva

An ode to the beautiful simplicities of love, “100 Wildflowers” by Joe Sneva is sweet, pretty, and peaceful. The stripped back instrumentation features a guitar being played fingerstyle, and you can hear the careful love and carefree joy contained within the strings. Sneva sings about taking a drive, buying a house, and watching a sunset with this person. A love song at its core, “100 Wildflowers” is perfect for those with romance in their thoughts and love in their hearts. 

“I don’t wanna buy you a dozen roses red, I’d rather pick a hundred wildflowers instead, and give them to you.” Even though a bouquet of roses is the cliched symbol of showing love for someone, Sneva wants to take a different route. By picking one hundred wildflowers, he is putting in effort and time to select- by hand- a worthy arrangement for his love. 

Red roses are a lovely gift, but Sneva wants to be clear about the deeper intentions that went into collecting the wildflowers. He is committed to this person, and he wants to do life together. By repeating “give them to you” over and over towards the end of the song, we can see the devotion present in this love. Sneva wants to provide beauty for this person all of the time, and will do anything to make that possible. 

Light, yet intimate, vocal delivery makes you feel like you’re being carried through the song on a breeze- as if you are in a wildflower field yourself. “100 Wildflowers” is a charming song, filled with descriptions of the purest kinds of love. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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