‘Just Too Late’ by Andrew Michael Meador

Good music with an important meaning provides a soul-enriching experience. The music adds so much emotion to the words delivered, and it’s the only form of media that can offer up the exact emotional hit that music can. A recent song that has intertwines these aspects to create a powerful delivery and message is Andrew Michael Meador’s ‘Just Too Late.’

‘Just Too Late’ is a funky bop with more than enough energy to spare. The sound matches the title, and a great lyrical hook, “Tomorrow’s just too late.” It’s like a musical blast forward with an uptempo beat and no time to spare or hold back. The bass in this track has a nice bounce to it, and the drums do a great job adding a baseline for the energy to weave around. The vocals have a powerful brass sound, and there are subtle harmonies that offer a lot of color to the overall track. A section of wind and brass instruments offers up a nice warm buzz into the mix. Every instrumental and vocal aspect is dashed with powerful dynamics, and musical prowess shines through every instrument played. You can tell that time and effort went into every aspect of this track’s creation. The production provides clarity and power, and it has more recent production aspects that mesh well with the nostalgic sounds and genres used. ‘Just Too Late’ works with tons of classic sounds, but it still solidifies itself as original and memorable in the way they’re put together.

The music of ‘Just Too Late’ is amazing, and the creativity and passion extend themselves right into the lyrics. This track captures an image of a modern-day society that’s extremely polarized and filled with violence. After the lyrical hook mentioned in the last paragraph, the chorus moves directly to, “for justice to be paid.” This lyricism seems to bring people’s attention to the injustices against minority groups and/or nature that are prevalent in American society. This is one of those songs that seems to say, ‘we need to work together if we want to envision a society that’s connected and open.’ We need to feel the pain collectively. And we need to stand up collectively. That may be the only way to seek positive change, and ‘Just Too Late’ is one of those tracks that highlights that. This be whether it’s for the betterment of those around us or the world around us.

Andrew Michael Meador isn’t just a musician, songwriter, and producer; he’s also an ornithologist, a conservationist, a scuba diver, a skateboarder, and more. Based in Chattanooga, he’s an artist that seeks adventure within his life and uses his voice for things that matter. One of those is the natural world around us and its beauty, which is too often neglected. Musically, Meador has a lot to show. Not only did he play every instrument in ‘Just Too Late,’ save for the saxophone. He also wrote and produced it himself. This artist has a vividly eclectic discography, and there’s so much collaboration in what he creates. Andrew Michael Meador is an to check out immediately, and you might find yourself holding your breath and waiting for what’s next.

Written by Sage Plapp





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