“Warmth Of The Sun” by Tyler Elden

“Warmth Of The Sun” by Tyler Elden is an intricate song with elements of indie rock, folk, and pop. Light piano, crashing drums, and compelling guitar riffs bring you into the contemplative vibe of the song, while ambiguous lyrics let you take Elden’s words and shape their meaning based on your own experiences. 

The title, “Warmth Of The Sun,” prepares the listener to expect a joyful song. The instrumentation is certainly upbeat, but when we look at the lyrics of the song, we see that they subvert that expectation. Lines like “no reprieve from the valleys of a troubled mind” and “you were so vacant, caught in your own hell” describe the bleak hopelessness of going through a hard time.

It is unclear exactly what struggle the muse of the song is going through, which is an effective choice that allows this song to be universally relatable. Perhaps you’ve lost a loved one, ended a relationship, or are dealing with mental illness. No matter your woes, you can find solace in “Warmth Of The Sun,” as it gives words to your pain and reminds you that you’re not alone.  

“Hopeless nights, I ponder how we’ll ever make it out.” Grief feels inescapable and unending, and Elden describes those emotions perfectly. You can hear his vulnerability in the intimate vocal delivery of these deeply personal lines. “Warmth Of The Sun” is sonically intriguing and lyrically powerful.

Written by Emily Cushing





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