“Circles” by Bethany Weimers

Bethany Weimers delivers an introspective and philosophical track with her song “Circles.” The haunting piano accompaniment, combined with the rich and piercing quality of Weimers’ vocals, make for an ominous and existential crisis-inducing song. 

This song takes the form of an acoustic ballad while still remaining sonically and lyrically intense. A lot of the instrumentation consists of piano scales, and the layers and passion of the playing grows more and more fervent as the song goes on. The vocal delivery starts soft and reflective and transitions into overwhelming emotion. 

The theme of the song can be understood with the line “we are circles held in circles, we are circles stretching time.” It’s that interesting idea of time repeating itself. When we look at history, we see the same power struggles and social conflicts being replicated under slightly different circumstances. On a more personal level, we find ourselves making the same mistakes over and over, wondering why we never learn. Weimers offers one explanation- the circularity of time is simply inescapable. 

“Do we ever find all we seek?” Are we actually able to realize our dreams, or do the constraints of time prevent this from being possible? “Circles” is a beautiful song, and Bethany Weimers’ vocal delivery and lyrical style will prompt a self-reflection that is sure to change your mindset one way or another. 

Written by Emily Cushing





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