“Wait For Me” by Late Night Drives

Uncertainty in a relationship is almost a guarantee at one point or another. Perhaps we doubt our own feelings, we are unsure of the other person’s feelings, or we are hesitant about the reality of a future together. With “Wait For Me,” Late Night Drives turns this uncertainty into a drum heavy pop song. Gripping instrumental solos and vocals featuring actor Daniel Huttlestone are unique and effective. 

“I see how it’s written in your eyes, a love story going blind.” The narrator is looking into this person’s eyes, hoping to see all his care reciprocated there, but instead it looks like the love is leaking out of them. Lyrics like “take a shot in the dark” and “we’ve been going nowhere fast” make it sound like this love is doomed. Any love that is still present is just a small obstacle working to prolong the end of the relationship. 

Despite the desolate lyrics that suggest that a breakup is coming soon, the narrator pleads to this person “wait for me.” Huttlestone’s vocals are raspy, frenzied, and raw, adding to the emotion of this song. Long held notes let that emotion really sink in and hit you. Instrumental sections also do a great job of mirroring this passion. Every element combines to create an unsteady, yet desperate, expression of love.

“Wait For Me” is a song both sonically and lyrically captivating. You find yourself sympathizing for the narrator, while also trying to find which side of the relationship you identify with more. Are you the person who wants to let go when things aren’t right anymore? Or the one who desperately wants to hold on to the comfort of an old love?

Written by Emily Cushing





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