“Howl” by Aaron Orr

Aaron Orr, an artist based in Portland, Oregon, gives us a vulnerable and intimate song with his new single “Howl,” laying his soul bare and confessing feelings for a love that got away. This piano ballad with ambient vocals is the perfect song to play while you self-reflect and stare at your ceiling. 

The vocals in this song are soft and layered, yet get more desperate during the chorus. The range of emotion from desolate acceptance to hesitant hope captures all of the conflicting feelings that come with the end of a relationship. Sometimes we can understand that a love was meant to end- there were unsolvable issues, and despite the love present, it just wasn’t meant to be. Other times, all we want is to have the love back in our lives, no matter the pain it may have been causing us. 

With dramatic descriptors like “fervent cancer, dreamless sleep” and “almost sacred, quiet end,” Orr shows us the intensity of his feelings. We also see the conflict here- what do you do with a love both cancerous and sacred? For Orr, the answer is “howl into the winds” and hope someone will hear and guide him.

Unrelenting piano scales, raw vocals, and beautiful harmonies combine to create a truly impactful song. If you’ve ever felt lost and conflicted after the end of a relationship, “Howl” by Aaron Orr is sure to touch your heart.

Written by Emily Cushing




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