“Real Crime” by Kyote Radio

Coming from Austin, TX hails a new band that was formed pre-pandemic in 2020, Kyote Radio, it was started by frontman and guitarist, Micah Paredes and bassist/backing vocals Nick Smith, they then added drummer Wesley Riddle. The American rock n’ roll band is heavily influenced from the desert ghost town, Terlingua out of West Texas. Micah Paredes writes lyrics about greed, power, love and everything in between – and the band’s delivery and rhythm section helps the songs shine through the darkness.

According to Kyote Radio the album “Real Crime” focuses on songs that feel good but are about more than feeling good. As you start up the album, grab some water, close your eyes and clear your mind, Kyote Radio is taking you on a journey.

“Open Wide” is a great introduction to a classic rock song, it’s a great way to show you who the band is and what to expect. You can only imagine how fun it’ll be to see them live, the seamlessly smooth transition into “How High?” is about the same pace of “Open Wide”, it’s a vibe that makes you want to grab a beer and get on the dance floor.

“How High? is a rumination on the mindset of the authority figures that we have empowered and their internal struggles with power, greed, and morality – How high can a bird fly? How much money does a man need? Deep intellectual questions and thoughts like that make a band more loveable and relatable.

The group switches it up a bit with self titled track “Real Crime”, the slower song seems to be a bit more personal of track for the group. “Real Crime” is a clear eyed calling out of the forces that distort our reality and distract us from the true villains of our time. Real Crime isn’t something that happens between you and me, it’s a force that presses down on all of us as we struggle to support the weight of the bloated oligarchy that relies upon us to survive.

The group is full of deep thinker and excellent musicians, lyrically the songs are next level. The band is fun, unique and makes music that feels nostalgic and new at the same time. “Crooked Canyons” is more on the side of grunger, it’s a slow heavy hitting and melodic track. It tells the story of a West Texas isolationist who retreats further and further into himself until external experiences separate him fully from the reality he has known.

Down towards the end of the album comes “The Range” and “Waiting Around to Die”, the two songs seems to combine all the different sounds of Kyote Radio. They are a three piece band that you will instantly love. The vibes of the group are immaculate and they sound like they would know how to have a good time on stage.

They are a group that is unmatched, a group that is hard to not love, a group that will make you feel some sort of relief after listening to them.

“We set out to make music that we like, first and foremost, I think that’s the most important thing for a band, is to be true to what you are into and to make music that you personally want to listen to, and I think that’s something we are proud to have accomplished with this record.” – Micah Paredes

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Victor Kulagin




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