“Killin’ It” by We Are Makers

Heavy drums and gritty guitar riffs deliver an intensely gratifying pop-rock track with “Killin’ It” by We Are Makers. The band is made up of duo Chelsea and Ryan Maker, and the love this pair has for each other is clear in both the lyrics and vocal passion of this song. “Killin’ It” is a song of encouragement; that classic supportive saying of “I knew you could do it” in musical form. 

With lines like “no need for survival, you’re doing fine,” “I always knew you could do it,” and, of course, “you’re killin’ it,” the pride the narrator has for the muse of this song shines through. It’s an incredible feeling to accomplish something and be proud of yourself, but sometimes there’s no better experience than hearing words of praise from a person you love. With “Killin’ It,” We Are Makers gives that moving gift of congratulations.

This song centers around intense guitar riffs and layered vocals. It’s a great way to balance the intimate lyrics, creating something more than a simple song about being proud of someone. This triumphant anthem emulates the feeling of watching someone you love work really hard for something and having it finally pay off. 

It’s a beautiful thing when another person’s success starts to feel like your own, solely because you love them so much. “Killin’ It” by We Are Makers is certainly a great song to dance to, but it also offers thoughtful lyrics about success in a love with true depth.  

Written by Emily Cushing





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