“Dance Me In The Moonlight” by Terry K 3TL

The last time Terry K 3TL graced us with his presence around these parts we got a double shot of the Niagara Music Awards Album of the Year nominee. Then he served up a balance of hope and regret in a pair of singles, but now he’s back with a lighter, more romantic tune; “Dance Me In The Moonlight.” 

Like a page taken from a love story, “Dance Me In The Moonlight” has the power to instantly transport listeners to the most charming locations with the press of play. It didn’t take too long into the song to get a sense of what would unravel as Terry K 3TL played on. So, to no one’s surprise came the pleasantries wrapped up in a song that highlights moments of adoration towards another. Something we can all relate to – hopefully. Those who’ve been in love know all too well how hard and fast those emotions can sweep you off your feet. 

Which, speaking of feet – it will be hard not to keep yours planted in one place as “Dance Me In The Moonlight” will inspire the body to glide on the dancefloor as Terry K 3TL incorporates this lovely array of old school pop infused with some more Latin meets tropical vibes that give way to an excellent listening (and dancing) experience. 

Some months ago Terry K 3TL came through with “No One Needs to Cry” and “15’s Up.” They vary greatly from what we have today. Showcasing what a dynamic creator Terry K 3TL truly is as this time around we have brightened things up. For “Dance Me In The Moonlight” is a song meant to be paired with a loved one in your arms and a drink in hand on a warm night out. To hear more from Terry K 3TL make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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