“Twin Moons/Bearwolf” by My Friend The Chimpanzee

My Friend The Chimpanzee is an indie/electronica duo based out of Vienna. On their latest release, “Twin Moons/Bearwolf” the duo manage to combine their energetic sound with cool, easy-going vocals. Not only is this newest song catchy and fun to listen to, but may be the band’s coolest to date.

Wobbly, piercing synths grab your attention right away and set the song’s excited tone. When the vocals enter, they easily float over the top of the busy instrumental. Whether supported by gentle bass lines or arpeggiated synthesizers there’s not a moment that feels out of place. One of the coolest things was how well the nostalgic vocals contrasted the intensity of the instrumental. Each manages to support the other voices while deepening the “Twin Moons/Bearwolf” texture. Plus, they round out everything in a beautiful and catchy way.

My Friend The Chimpanzee once again show off their unique and catchy sound. Whenever one voice leaves the texture, everything else is quick to round out the gaps and lean into the new vibe. Although the song has plenty of different energies, the underlying sound never disappears. Instead, the band transitions effortlessly into the new mood while borrowing enough from what preceded it to keep everything feeling familiar yet new at the same time. It was an incredible technique that shows off the band’s prowess. Despite this only being their second release under the name My Friend The Chimpanzee the band sounds mature and well-curated. Every new listen was more enjoyable than the last, so if you need some new music – look no further!

“Twin Moons/Bearwolf” by My Friend The Chimpanzee is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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