“Bleed Me Out” by Marble

“Bleed Me Out” by Marble is one of those songs that totally takes you by surprise. Much like Billie Eilish’s famed track, “Happier Than Ever,” this one starts off gentle and somewhat morose but later explodes into an angsty, distortion-drenched masterpiece. If you’ve been lacking in the slow, deeply emotional rock department, you should absolutely give this track a listen.

The song begins as the singer softly croons, “Ashes to ashes to dust.” The keyboard thrums a few spacey minor chords while a covered drum sample propels the beat forward. The existential lyrics combined with the inherently gloomy accompaniment fills the verse with this listless, sorrowful mood.

There isn’t much of a sense of growth within the verse itself, although a heavily-effected guitar and a synth bass fill out some of the mix later on. The real change comes when the chorus kicks in. A few strategically placed snare hits welcome this anthemic, rock-ballad feel. As the singer cries, “Bleed me out,” a crashing drum groove and a perfectly distorted electric guitar drastically heighten the dynamic trajectory of the song. The melody and chords take on a progression far more urgent than the verse. Everything hurtles toward a sense of seriousness. Not only is this an exciting change for the listener, but one that is emotionally gratifying.

The rest of the song incorporates elements from the verse and the chorus. The live-sounding drums stay, while the crunchy guitars come and go in certain moments. All in all, the shape of this song rises and falls in a perfectly satisfying manner. Even the end fades out with a clutter of sparkling, crackling sounds ideal for a multi-faceted, genre-bending piece like this.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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