“Imaginary” by Rocket Horse

There is plenty to celebrate about the ‘90s, but in terms of music – it’s the classic love songs. It seems like after the turn of the 21st century, mainstream radio was lacking in that regard. Back in the day, we had Whitney and Celine belting it out, but today? Adele seems alone but not for long. Artists like Rocket Horse is injecting heart back into place with “Imaginary.” 

Blending the emotion of a country song with the finesse of a power ballad, Rocket Horse comes through with “Imaginary.” One of three singles released this year, “Imaginary” displays a wonderful narrative that is delivered as such. Each verse is a new romantic revelation that is straightforward. Love songs can oftentimes lean towards the poetic, and while that is appreciated – what I like about “Imaginary” is that these lyrics are lathered in reality. It’s the type of song that comes from a solid relationship. 

Listening to “Imaginary” took me back to the days of singer-songwriters like Edwin McCain, singers who placed a lot of themselves into the music. You could hear the duo that makes up Rocket Horse were not holding back in both the music or lyrically with their latest release. 

Brian Myk and Peter Cleff have a lot of distance between them with one being in the United States and the other in South Africa, but they didn’t let that stop them from working together back in 2021. Since then they’ve released three singles;  “Kryptonite,” “Mother Church,” and “Imaginary.” To hear all of those, make sure to check out Rocket Horse on all major music and streaming sites today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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