“By the Sea” by Grey Tower Heights

Before I even knew where Grey Tower Heights hailed from, I got the sense it was somewhere it was London because “By the Sea” felt like a song you’d hear brewing in a pub setting with the way it was delivered like an old tale with eager listeners standing around. 

“By the Sea” fittingly opens with coastal sounds. The water is calming, which is no surprise. We often find solace on the sand with the water at our toes. This is where the foundation of Grey Tower Heights’ latest single is based. The haunting yet inspired vocals welcome us into a daydream of sorts. One where life at the beach is supposed to be the remedy to a hectic life elsewhere. What I liked about this song though is that it echoed a sentiment I often say, you can change your locale – but the problems will remain. 

Grey Tower Heights puts a lot of eggs into one basket; the sea. At first, it seems as if things are grand. The city life is behind, but things take a turn and again you realize you’ve just sort of hit pause instead of erase. “By the Sea” finds a way of pulling back the curtain on our problems and delivers the message in this traditional folk way. 

As with Grey Tower Heights’ February 2022 release, “Worse Fears,” there is this constant state of melancholic delight. “By the Sea” is the follow-up to that, and you can hear both and more by checking out Grey Tower Heights on all major music and streaming platforms today.

Written by Kendra Beltran




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