“BAG MAN” by Dani Twice & Tony Narvaez

“BAG MAN” is the latest release by the Tampa-based artist Dani Twice. This new song combines a myriad of different energies in a cool and unique way. The grungy yet upbeat instrumental complements Dani Twice’s versatile vocals phenomenally. Whether leaning into the song’s hip hop vibes or the pop, there was always something interesting going on.

The busy instrumental fills out the texture and gives Twice the freedom to move the vibe however they wanted. Bass that drops the floor from beneath you is infectious and pushes everything forwards while the cool latin-style percussion sets the groove. With interjections from clarinets and synthesizers, it was impossible to know what was going to happen next. By the time it was all over it left me shell-shocked and reaching for the repeat button.

Versatile styles ensured that every last minute was interesting and fresh. The way Dani Twice’s cool verses complemented Narvaez’s easy-going vocals was awesome and showed off the effort that went into making “BAG MAN”. Every different voice complemented what was happening in the instrumental while expanding the vibe of the song as a whole. Despite being drastically different from one another the two vocals complemented each other phenomenally

One of the first things to grab my attention was the intensity of the instrumental and the drastic difference between the pretty singing and cut-throat verses. “BAG MAN” was constantly refreshing and new. A great example of how different styles can blend seamlessly, resulting in a one of a kind song that stays stuck in your head for days.

“BAG MAN” by Dani Twice & Tony Narvaez is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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