“I Live In The Moment (feat. Isen)” by Theredspirit

Theredspirit’s “I Live In The Moment” manages to get that wholesome, homemade sound that so many indie artists strive for. The simplicity of the instrumentation combined with the dulcet duet-style vocals just oozes serotonin. Take a moment out of your day to listen to this track and watch your stress melt away.

The vocals are the most significant contributor to the atmosphere of this song. There’s something about the way Theredspirit’s and Isen’s vocals blend that just takes your breath away. They’re separated by an octave, which fills out a good chunk of the tonal space. They both have this warm, organic quality to their voices that, despite singing in different registers, sounds remarkably similar. It can’t be stressed enough how gorgeous these two sound together. It feels like a match made in heaven.

The instrumentation has this rudimentary sound that absolutely defines indie music. It can be so difficult to emulate, and yet Theredspirit nails it. The piano and guitar overlap in burgeoning arpeggios while the drums plink along in a steady, concrete rhythm. The bass actually takes on most of the movement, tossing in several passing tones and melodic lines. All of this remains rather unchanged for most of the song, keeping the trajectory somewhat placid. It’s the perfect setup for a song as relaxing as this.

If you’re looking for something along the lines of an Alex G or beabadoobee song, definitely check out Theredspirit. “I Live In The Moment” has an unbeatable ambiance.

Written by Alyce Lindberg





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