“Free Falling” by Gabrielle Ornate

Led by grungy guitars and in-your-face vocals, “Free Falling” is the latest release by the UK-based singer/songwriter Gabrielle Ornate. The heavy rock vibes are complemented by Ornate’s awesome vocals which complement and contrast the songs thick texture. No matter what type of music you claim to be into, you’re bound to love this song.

What kept me coming back for more repetitions was how well the vocals fit into the heavy sound. Despite being delicate and easy-going they matched the intensity and bolstered the instrumental happening around them. Not only did they cut through the texture like a knife, never once struggling to be heard, but they had no trouble taking a back seat and letting the other voices take the lead. Whether that was through a solo or just riffs to transition to the next section it was tasteful and a delight to listen to.

High-energy defined “Free Falling”s cool texture. Even when there were only a couple voices the intensity and drive was consistent and sky high. Part of this was due to the band’s chemistry and how well their sounds blended together, but without the presence and attitude of the lead vocals the impact wouldn’t have been as big as it was. Between the heavy rock atmosphere and the powerhouse vocals, “Free Falling” is nothing but highlights. Great mixing helps bring out each individual voice and lets them shine while still contributing the the songs electric energy. Not only a great addition to Ornate’s growing discography, but an awesome addition to any playlist you might have.

“Free Falling” by Gabrielle Ornate is available now on any major streaming services.

Written by Tyler Roberts



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