“City” by Temple Solar

Chilean five piece darkwave band Temple Solar is coming from the capital of their city, Santiago. Vocalist Daniel, guitarists Carlos and Alvaro, drummer JJ Vallejo, and bassist JC believe that the journey through “City” can perfectly reflect their feelings when the night comes in Chile. The night of Santiago, capturing that feeling, the loneliness, the coldness of living in the capital. Temple Solar recorded all the songs of “City” in the studio that Carlos has in his home, he was in charge of the production.

“Silent Dance” starts the EP off, it’s about how life is hard, but you need to push on and continue and maybe in between that dance some. The deep vocals mixed with the heavy bass provides the darkness that the group describes. This is a great way to introduce yourself to Temple Solar. The single is released on Spotify.

Some people love their city, some people feel like it’s and endless place that continues to swallow you whole. “Cityscape” explains how the city you live in consumes you, and you need to escape from it. You want to run as far away as possible but that way easier said than done. “Cityscape” allows you to dream of what can be.

Halfway through the EP comes a super 80s type vibe of a song, “Dreaming”, reminiscing of an old love that you remember in those moments of loneliness. Being lonely can dredge up many things and the shadows that lie creep behind you as you think on that is no joke. “Dreaming” makes you want to wake up and witness reality.

Pain is never fun and never easy, “Bitter Love” describes if the love that you get hurts and how you keep the pain. Being bitter isn’t something you want to wish upon yourself or anyone, it takes such an emotional toll on you. Everyone lies….a lesson you learn young. “World of Lies” is still dark but it’s more on the funky side of the EP. It has a certain twang to it that the other songs don’t have. It’s a mix of funk and grunge.

The last song of an EP or album is always bittersweet, “Endless Domino” is more upbeat and seems to be fun and is about when you understand that you need the society. Community is how you survive a city you want to escape from. “City” is the post punk, darkwave EP you need in your life.

Written by Jaye Maverick



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