‘Dodging Bullets’ by Pisceze

Some relationships are lonely at their core. This can come from a distinct kind of disconnect from a relationship being one-sided, and due to societal pressures, the idea of men being strong individuals who should be provided for by their partner persists. Many one-sided relationships stem from this. It’s a societal boundary that must be crushed, as relationships tend to be healthier when each partner provides for each other equally. It’s about connection and mutual love, not submitting to anyone’s will. This is a subject that’s covered through Pisceze’s latest track, ‘Dodging Bullets.’

‘Dodging Bullets’ immediately pulls you into its dreamy atmosphere with its synthy opening. There’s a little bit of experimentation in the flow of the synths, which adds originality to its R&B sound. The way the synths grow and fade is fantastic. It’s as if they’re resounding in your own atmosphere. The vocals are nothing short of gorgeous and full, with a nice breathy tone. Everything about the sound of this track pulls you into a chill and somber vibe, and the production has a lot to add to the sound. For example, the subtle vocal reverb helps build onto the atmosphere. This is a beautiful track, and it’s a great one to vibe out to.

Lyrically, ‘Dodging Bullets’ details the struggle of being in a toxic relationship where you’re expected to please the man. This explored issue is so real, as there are so many social influences that stem from the old idea of having a ‘man of the household.’ As this track states “In this moment just hold me / there’s nobody like you / I can’t lie gets lonely.” It does get lonely because this kind of relationship is so one-sided. When everything’s expected of you, but there’s no accountability for your partner, there’s a huge disconnect. Many women get stuck in these kinds of relationships far too often. At the end of the day, what’s important is to stand up for yourself and tell your partner if it seems like they take and never give.

Pisceze was born in Korea, but she grew up and is based in Toronto, Canada. She has a passion for making music in her own way, and there’s no doubt that it’s stood out. It has already gotten praise from Earmilk, BBC 1Xtra, and Live Nation since her start in 2019. That’s such a short time to come so far, which shows that she’s passionately sprinted toward her love of music. Having been in the scene for such a short span of time, it takes a lot of determination to get where she is. Pisceze is such an amazing and powerful artist who has already proven her ability to grow.

Written by Sage Plapp






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