“Nothing but our Dreams” by Fox Evades

Fox Evades’ debut EP “Nothing but our Dreams” is the ultimate company for a summer beach day. The EP comprises six dreamy tracks with hazy vocals, a captivating guitar-driven instrumental, and relatable lyrics. “Nothing but our Dreams” is guaranteed to be an EP you won’t be able to put down all summer.

Fox Evades is the solo project of multi-talented musician Jordan Mae from Manchester, UK. Mae is a self-taught musician who started to play guitar and release youtube covers at a young age, even getting noticed by indie legend Morrissey. Having a good amount of success from their debut single, ‘The Heart That Drowned,” which was featured on BBC Introducing, Mae’s latest EP, “Nothing but our Dreams,” is garnering similar attention. Ahead of releasing the EP, Mae released preceding singles, “Bira,” “Someday,” and “Strange Forever,” which named her a featured artist of the week on BBC introducing.  

“Nothing but our Dreams” starts strong with “Strange Forever,” a love song that needs to be applauded for discussing “non-stereotypical” relationships. Mae’s near-flawless voice sings romantic lyrics over a hypnotic instrumental, making it impossible not to close your eyes and dance along. Followed by “Strange Forever’ is “Bira,” an almost 80s/90s electronic pop song reminiscent of bands such as Depeche Mode and The Cure. The following track, “Hibernate,” takes a more somber tone. The track has a simple instrumental, which allows Mae’s beautiful voice to take the spotlight. The lyrics discuss hard-hitting topics such as growing up, showcased in Mae’s poetic writing: “Wanna go back to when I was younger; when the summer was long; when people were better.” 

The next song, “Someday,” has an uplifting yet melancholic feeling, featuring a soaring guitar-driven instrumental. The vibey tune is reminiscent of beachy bands such as DIIV. When hearing this song, memories of driving down the beach with the windows down and friends laughing come to mind. Although a new song, “Someday,” has an overwhelming nostalgic feeling that is truly special. The last two songs on the EP, “I Could Have Died Right There” and “Born To Sleep,” are stripped-back melodic tunes. Both songs bring the EP to a stunning conclusion. 

Being the hands-on artist they are, Jordan Mae is responsible for writing, recording, mixing, mastering, and distributing “Nothing but our Dreams” all on their own. The undeniable drive and talent that Mae possesses are guaranteed to launch them to stardom soon enough. 

“Nothing but our Dreams” is out now; take a listen, you won’t regret it!

Photo credits: Charlie Bland Photography

Written by Melissa Cusano


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